Meet Bonnie!


Bonnie is Texas roots, Bakersfield sunsets, glitter nail polish, finding her voice, Aussie pups, building new friendships, a wash i tape expert, the joy of a child, pushing the limits of her comfort zone, Friday fun with her hubs, Bon Bon to me, seeing the rainbow through the storm, fresh art supplies, & creating a life she loves....

Bonnie came into my life last September. She came to an art workshop without knowing a soul. She expressed that while she enjoyed the group of women she met, she wanted to create with me to dig deeper & connect with herself.

A beautiful, genuine friendship developed. Simultaneously, the business continues to grow & evolve, I personally continue to grow & evolve & one of my goals for 2022 was to “ask for & receive more help”. In business & in life.

Last month, I received a message from Bonnie sharing that she believes so wholeheartedly in the mission of The Playful Space that she wants to volunteer her time. I was/still am floored & overwhelmed with her generosity.

THIS is The Playful Space. Women who open the door to that space in your heart that craves connection, creativity, & community.

Please join me in welcoming her to my team! She currently will be assisting me with the Mama & Me Play Dates & Community Creativity. I am so grateful...her help affords me more brain space, deep breaths, new ideas, & the opportunity for my own kids to attend our play dates!

Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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