July Newsletter!

For me, July is playing until dusk, the perfectly grilled hot dog, watermelon dripping down your chin, cheeks pink from the sun, fingers turning to prunes, sprinklers on blast, a firework kiss, neighbors sitting on their porch, the smell of sunscreen and jasmine in the air, farmer's markets, toes in the sand, patio wine, and loud, boisterous laughter…I hope you are soaking in all the delights of this summer season. My kiddos are out of school until August, so I am simultaneously creating magic for them, while trying to rest! 
Find a moment to delight in your day and seek out the joys of summer…
July Happenings at the TPS Studio & Beyond: 
  • July 6: Frida Day! Today is Artist and Activist Frida Kahlo's birthday. She was often asked “Why do you only paint self-portraits?” and she responded “Because I am the person I know best.” May we all aim to know and honor our inner selves.
  • July 7-11: TPS closed for a family PLAYcation! Heading on our annual Cousins Weekend getaway to Carpinteria! We look forward to this trip each year with fort building on the beach, silly family competitions, and “dinner in your robe” night!
  • July 20-23 Create + Connect Women's Retreat in Ventura, CA! We have The Pink Panther and the Alice in Wonderland airstream left for lodging! If this getaway isn't in the cards for you this time, keep an eye out for our “retreat yourself” swag bag giveaway on instagram end of July; you'll get fun goodies and sneak peek into our retreat.
  • July 30: Accepting Bookings for Couples Play Dates and 1:1 Creative Sessions (Evening options available!) Check Availability! 
  • Note: Summer Art Camps for Tweens will resume in August! Snag your spot! 
Currently bringing me JOY: 
  • The Power of Fun by Catherine Price I am totally nerding out over this book that balances science based research and storytelling. Price describes True Fun as the meeting point between playfulness, connection, and flow. Find it at the library or a mom & pop bookstore first!
  • Checking off Bucket List Items with the Kids I am loving experiencing summer delights through their eyes. I've discovered I am not quite cut out to be a SAHM, so adventures are a must for us. Close to home, we've been hitting up our local library and this week we are headed to the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens (a first for me too!) Send me some of your ideas for kid friendly adventures!
  • Noor Studio See photo above. Joy Camel, photographer, artist, and entrepreneur is my studio neighbor and I am just obsessed with all the gorgeous light and love that comes from that room! Plus her name is Joy, how great is that?! We were fast friends. Check out her space!
  • Nerds Gummy Clusters These little balls of delight just might be the unofficial mascot of CelebrateYOUpalooza. They remind me of the “everlasting gobstopper” that Willy Wonka creates in one of the greatest novels/movies ever made.
I hope you are enjoying your summer!  Tell me your summer bucket list items! I am always here for your thoughts, questions, or what's currently lighting you up! 
With gratitude, 

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