My Biggest Cheerleaders

Thank you to all my supporters for cheering me on this last year! I have had my fair share of ups & downs. Days where I feel like giving up & days where I’m flying so high with creative ideas I can’t sleep! Grateful beyond measure to my family & tribe of friends for listening to my wild ideas, wiping my tears, & being my net when I leaped without looking!

I wake up EXCITED to do this...that’s my reminder that I’ve stepped into my purpose. THANK YOU to all the mamas, all the hosts, all the cheerleaders, all the supporters who I have lifted me up along the way! You know who you are!
A heartfelt thank you to a few special women who have been absolutely crucial in my business success & personal transformation.

You’ve helped me level up, pushed me out of
my comfort zones, given me permission to be human, & never allowed me to give up! So grateful for Dena Barnes, Jessi Reinhart, Shanell Tyus, Heather Laganelli, and Jamie Pena.

...and a special shout out to 4 incredible humans who have hit The Playful Space Trifecta: Mandi Kissack, Julia Green, Cassandra Gear, and Brooke Bratcher...You are the real MVPs!

TPS Trifecta = attending all three of our offerings:

(1) A creative retreat
(2) A mama & me play date
(3) An art workshop

Thank you ALL for celebrating with me! So excited to see what this year brings!

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