June Newsletter!

June is my birthday month and YES I celebrate allllll month long (cue my husband's eye rolls) 😜 Since my life and business are deeply intertwined, I am am always bringing you along for the ride! I am trying something new for my monthly newsletter: “Happenings” and “Currently Bringing Me Joy”…I hope you love it! To kick off the June celebrations, my gift to you this month is  $100 off our July Create + Connect Retreat! Use the code BDAY. I hope this inspires you to treat yourself and enjoy a little getaway sister! The first retreat I said yes to completely changed my life! I will be sharing more about this story soon. 
Creativity is making mistakes, growing, + having fun….
June Happenings at the TPS Studio & Beyond: 
  • June 1: First Day of Pride Month 🌈 celebrating love, self-worth, and belonging. All are welcome at The Playful Space.
  • June 7-12 TPS closed for a PLAYcation! Checking off a bucket list item! Flying to Portland and camper van'ing it across the PNW for a Brandi Carlile/Highwomen concert. Send me all your recs for OR & WA!
  • June 15: Tweens/Teens Art Experience at the Jim Burke Ford Company Picnic. If you/your company are interested in TPS making an event extra special, let me know!
  • June 17: Beautiful Bakersfield Awards Night! So grateful to be nominated in two categories: Young Professional & Arts/Culture for last year's CelebrateYOUpalooza. It's sure to be an amazing night, come celebrate with us!
  • June 18: Happy Father's Day! Shoutout to all the Dads out there who are prioritizing play and creativity! The Dad on Bluey is my hero. 🤣 Anyone else? He's always playing, being silly & imaginative with his littles with a healthy dose of “real life" parent annoyance/frustration. He's always giving the mom breaks and night outs, so I love that too! 🙃
  • June 20-22: Summer Paint Camp for Ages 8-12 with guest artist Jennifer Williams-Cordova. We have a mini mural project up our sleeve, don't miss out! Almost full, sign up here! 
  • June 22: The Power of Story: An Art Journaling Adventure at the Beale Library, two sessions, for more info visit the KCL Calendar
  • June 27-29: Summer Collage Camp for Ages 8-12 with guest artist Valerie Garewal. Collage is probably my favorite way to create, so this is going to be soooooo good! Almost full, sign up here! 
Currently bringing me JOY: 
  • Poems by Lyndsay Rush aka @maryoliversdrunkcousin Go read her poem “She's a Bit Much” and you'll know instantly why I love her.
  • Gluten Free Pancake Mornings. Krusteaz brand (from my childhood iykyk) now has a gf option that has hints of vanilla and they are so damn good.
  • Record breaking cool weather in Kern County. A light sweater on walks?! 🤯 I am here for it.
  • Anticipation for my big day June 24: white water rafting with Kern River Outfitters. Thrilled, scared, excited…all in the name of feeling alive!
  • Our new kitten Rose. She plays fetch, loves our kids (most of the time), and is the best companion for reading, journaling, and binge watching Ted Lasso. I plan to bring her to the studio soon!
I hope you enjoyed this monthly newsletter as much as I did writing it. Thanks for sticking with me as I experiment! I want to hear your thoughts, questions, or what's currently lighting you up! 

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