December at The Playful Space!

This December I am doing things a little bit differently. I am choosing to not have a completely full, bursting at the seams month this year. I am saying yes to experiences that light me up, actually staying HOME for Christmas & not traveling (this is big for us!) & savoring the small moments that really are the big ones…like watching “It's a Wonderful Life” for the billionth time & always crying at the end because the message is so timeless. ❤️ This year I want to take my kids ice skating (I still don't have a picture of them on Santa's lap, but oh well), I want a super juicy kiss under the mistletoe, I want to actually walk in a neighbor with lights or walk Zoo Lights, instead of being confined to the car. I am going to attempt to make my aunt's famous cheesecake 🤞 & craft those paper bag snowflakes that have gone viral.😂  What do you want to experience this month? Say yes to those things. 

"It's up to you to make your life” -My 2021 Ornament

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Currently bringing me JOY:
  • DIY Gingerbread Houses especially the ones that fall down! The pictures above are of my mom and brother making graham cracker “gingerbread” houses last Christmas with my kiddos. My mom had never made one before! 😮 She's almost 70! So that felt pretty special! I'll forever remember this moment!
  • Rooting on Small Businesses during the holiday season and beyond! Until I created my own, I unfortunately did not quite appreciate or understand the heart & sacrifice that go into “Mom & Pop” shops. I challenge you to choose at least one small biz to support this year! My list of LOCAL favorites is a mile long, so I am in the process of putting together a special pdf that I will have ready in 2024 including my go-to adventures when we have out-of-town guests visiting Kern County!
  • Experience Advent Calendar yes little doors with chocolates are always fun, but this year we made pockets with activities we can do together as a family. A bit more work, but way worth it. I made sure to reference our home calendar with things we are already have planned to not add more to my plate (see ice skating above)! Loads of simple fun such as “making cookies”, “building a fire”, & “reading The Polar Express”. The kids pull their first card today, I can't wait!
Take some time this month to slow down & think about what YOU want to experience this month! How do you want to create your life? I'd love to hear a few things that come to mind! 
Enjoy the magic of the season! 
🎁 P.S. If you're interested in gifting something a bit outside the box this Christmas we have a little bit for everyone! 🎁

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Rebecca Folkenberg

Your mom and Dad are my neighbors and she shared your website with me because I run a craft group in our clubhouse. You have a wonderful structure of information to share and I’m wondering how I can grow from this and share with my gal friends and inspire them in the same way you have inspired me. I will also pass on art supplies if I know someone can use them. Becka

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