5 Tips to Make Creativity a Habit

The most common struggles I hear from my clients: 

“I don't have time to create.” 

“I have the tools, I just can't get into a routine."

Creating positive habits have been the focus of my research recently, not only for The Playful Space, but for my personal life. I am all about sharing what has helped me grow and learn, so here's a framework to help you make creativity a habit…try using it for any healthy habit for that matter!

  1. SPECIFIC, CUE BASED GOAL— example: After I pour my coffee, I choose to create in my journal(s) for 5-10 minutes every morning. The coffee is my cue to create. Habits are much more likely to stick when you have a cue. (And…YES, you do have 5-10 mins, think short bursts, set a timer if that helps)
  2. SAME TIME, SAME SPACE—“Location has energy; time has memory. If you do something at the same time every day, it becomes easier and natural. If you do something in the same space every day, it becomes easier and natural.” (Jay Shetty) I typically sit in the same spot in my living room next to my basket of art supplies & journals or at our picnic table outside. Reinforces the habit…make it easy, make it feel natural. 
  3. MAKE IT EFFORTLESS— avoid searching around for your supplies & have a small basket readily available with your pens, colored pencils, & journal. The less planning you have to do in the present moment the better! 
  4. KEEP IT FUN— use an altered book, buy a journal that has prompts that interest you, switch out your basket of art supplies with stickers, new pens, etc whatever will help you look forward to this time with yourself!
  5. COMMUNITY & SUPPORT— ask a friend to hold you accountable, snap a pic of your journal page (tag me!) or follow accounts that inspire you & support your creative goal. 

TRY IT OUT: Experiment with this framework and let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear about your progress! 

I AM HERE FOR YOU! Ready to create some positive habits, feel unstuck and get your creative juices flowing? Book a 1:1 session with me! If you prefer creating with a friend or your partner…Couple's Play Dates and The Altered Book Adventure for 2 are available! 

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