One Year of Community Creativity at the Beale Library!

As a little girl (circa 1990) sitting on the magical rainbow steps of the Beale Library, I dreamed of being on the community board. The board that welcomes all who step foot in the library doors. The board listing ways to invite more free knowledge, delight, & wonder into your life!

I grew up in these library walls, sitting between shelves, nose in a book & when I became a mom I couldn’t wait to take my children here. It was at a toddler story time with my own kids 1 year ago that I met Miss Genevieve. Her gift of storytelling was magnetic & I worked up my courage to share an idea with her…

Community Creativity was born & we’ve seen the impact it has had on so many families. Say your dreams out loud. I promise you, cool stuff happens! 

Join us for our upcoming Community Creativity dates at the Beale Branch! Storytime and process art + sensory activities for toddlers and preschool age children. 

September 14 • 10am-11am
October 12 • 10am-11am
November 2 • 10am-11am
December 14 • 10am-11am

We get special access at 10am! (the library doesn’t open until 11) My younger self on those steps is smiling!

Promote literacy through play and creativity! 

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